Sunday, February 1, 2009

Would you Listen to Me Already?

A while ago I noticed that I had a loose tooth. You know how annoying that can be. I kept nudging it with my tongue until I made it worse, and then finally FELL OUT! Naturally, I poked at my other teeth with my tongue and they were loose too. All of my teeth were loose and when I wouldn't let up, they ALL fell out.

What the...??

I couldn't believe it. So I poked around with my tongue some more...they were fine. All my teeth were there, sturdy as ever. What the hell is going on? Then it dawns on me...I was sleeping a minute ago. But it felt so real. I felt it with my own tongue.

This dream happened to me often. It was getting to the point were I almost expected to have this at least once a week. And it fooled me every time. I never caught on that it was a dream until I finally woke up and felt it for myself.

Once I moved out of my parents house the dreams stopped. I couldn't stand it anymore...I needed to know what these dreams meant.

I don't remember where I found the information so I can't site it properly, but I found out that when you dream about your teeth falling out, you feel as though you are not being heard.
That's it! It makes total sense.

My dad is a typical male (no offense dad). But, when I would go off on one of my typical teenage girl stories, my dad's eyes would glass over and the occasional 'hm mm' would be mumbled by him. He wasn't listening, only being polite.

Once I moved out of my parents house well two things happened. For one, I believe that I get to the point a lot quicker now (except for this post), and two, I met Dan who is a better actor than my dad and it really does seem like he's listening to me.

It was quite a relief to know what these dreams were about, and finally to have them end. Anyone else have a reoccurring dream?


bekah said...

whoa I really thought your teeth had fallen out at first!

I have 2 recurring dreams...the is one that I hardly remember when I wake up, but I know i had it, if that makes sense. It has something to do with bouncing and I wake up feeling lost. The second is a recent addition, the past year or so, in which I lose my wedding (or engagement) ring, or the stones fall out. I mentioned this to my aunt one time, that I kept having this dream, and she told me that she has a similar dream all the time. which I found interesting

Caution Flag said...

I was worried about your teeth. Glad they're still in!

I have two recurring dreams, too. The first is that I've enrolled in a class and never attended and now it's finals time. The second dream is me being naked in public places. I've read that both of those dreams mean that I'm feeling insecure. I think they're better than dreaming that my teeth are falling out though!

Anonymous said...

Oh - what an awful dream! Terrible! Sometimes I dream that I die or the kids die and wake up sweating.

When I was a kid I had terrible recurring nightmares that the bedroom was on fire.