Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things might be a little tight - round 2

If you remember, my husband was laid off last year due to a business fire....It's possible that he'll be laid off again but this time due to the economy. No one wants to pay a plumber anymore. They'd rather try to fix it themselves. And I can't blame them.

While my husband is looking at the end of the world, I see it as a game. Can I buy groceries for a week for $40? What's out there to do that fun and free (lots of stuff, by the way)? Do we really need cable? Now is a great time to clean out the house and have a huge yard sale. I call this game, How Low Can We Go?

As scary as it might be for my husband to get a new job/career, it's that point of being uncomfortable that makes up grow as people. He is leaving his comfort zone of working for his parents and being a plumber (maybe) and finding a new career. Easy enough for me to say, huh?

Today is the day I make my weekly trip to the grocery store and I plan to spend a lot less money than usual. Perhaps we could be vegetarians for a while....oh my husband will love that idea :)
I'll keep you posted.

I did it! I did my grocery shopping for $23.36. Okay, okay, I cheated a little. When there's a sale I stock up, so our pantry is loaded with lots of staples. However, my usual shopping trip is anywhere from $90 to $120 per week. What did I do? I did some of the shopping at Aldi's, I bought the store brand rather than the name brand, I bought only what I needed and not extra for the pantry (that may come back to bite my in the you-know-what), and I planned cheap meals for the week. How do you keep your shopping bill down? Or don't you?

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bekah said...

I shop at a few different stores, I know i can get my deli stuff cheaper at one place, my boxed goods cheaper at another, etc. 23 bucks though? I need to take lessons from you!!