Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Paper Coupons

I have to admit that I enjoy a great deal. Then again who doesn't. I like to sit down at my dining room table and cross reference my recipes, the grocery store's weekly sales, and my current coupons. Every Sunday, I take a walk to the nearest newspaper box and pay $1.75 in quarters for my coupons. But as of late, the coupons are missing. Are people really stealing these? Really?
I have to say that I'm upset...I need to get a grip, but I feel that this has ruined my morning. Not only did I pay for a paper without the coupons, but I'm forced to realize that people are stealing something so simple. Why?

We use to subscribe to the paper and the coupons were always there. But, then the other days started to be delivered. We were only paying for the Sunday paper, but then it started to appear on our door step Wednesday through Sunday. What an incredible waste of paper. Did you know that there are no coupons on holiday weeks? This is why we decided to stop our subscription. 1) We actually end up saving money. 2) We don't waste as much paper. 3) I get a small walk in every Sunday morning.

So, what's a girl to do? I suppose that I'll have to take a longer walk to the nearest store that watches their papers for thieves.

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