Monday, September 6, 2010

As of Late...

1) Jared can write his name the correct way: Capital J and lowercase a, r, e, and d. I tried all summer to get him to do this. He spends one week with his Kindergarten teacher and does it correctly. Why is that? Maybe I could have her speak to him about cleaning his room.

2) Chase needs a napping schedule. My husband is going crazy and this weekend we're trying to establish one. More to follow...

3) Three co-workers and I are trying to walk to Chicago by the end of the month. We started a pedometer challenge for September and we've gone about 100 miles so far. Windy City here we come (hypothetically).

4) Brianna is a senior in high school. When did this happen? When I met her she was this little 7-year-old and all limbs. Unbelievable. In less than a year she'll be off to college.

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