Monday, January 10, 2011

Everything's Fine

Imagine this: Police are dispatched to a domestic dispute. The neighbor being the comedian that he is, decides that he's going to set up a booby trap for the officer when he arrives on scene. Funny, right? The other neighbors will get a good laugh at it. The officer will find it funny. But we all know what will happen. The man who set up the trap will be fined, possibly arrested. Perhaps the women in the domestic dispute will have a broken rib, the man a black eye, all because the officer didn't get there soon enough to restore the peace.

Police officers provide a public service - "to serve and protect"

I too provide a public service - to educate.

What happens when someone gets in the way of me doing my job? AKA the class clown. The student is disciplined by the school, perhaps suspended for a few days, then right back to their old tricks. We are responsible to teach these children, because the state says so. Just like the police are responsible to protect all neighborhoods.

Once in a while these "trouble" students are removed to another classroom where there are less students in a class and the disruptions are kept to a minimum. Now the public is punished. That student has just become more expensive to educate. Likewise, when students are required to serve detention, all the taxpayers pay the proctor, not just those who are being punished. Just like the "funny" neighbor. He pays the fine, not the rest of the city. Why don't schools do the same thing? If a student disrupts education, fine him. If a student needs to be in a smaller class size because they won't stop talking, fine her. Don't fine the taxpayers by wasting their money to educate these students specially.

To make myself clear, I am not speaking about special education students. I am speaking only about the students who constantly disrupts class for attention, or to talk to their friends, or to make the rest of the class laugh. When are these students going to be held accountable?

Last thought. And this is only a thought. We know they are out there. Those people who have children, not because they like children, but because they want more government money. I have no data to back this up, but here's a thought. These people don't pay much attention to their kids, let alone back up discipline from school. What if these are the children causing the problems at school? What if they are causing these problems because they don't get enough attention at home? These parents who have children for more money will be the ones paying the fines and losing the money they thought they deserved. Just a thought.

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