Friday, September 26, 2008

The Library

I love the library. I've been wanting to go there for a long time but I was always too busy. Then I took my son there for reading hour one evening and fell in love. There I was standing in the middle of a building with tons (is that the right word? How do you measure information?) of information all around me.
Yesterday I picked up this book "Simple Fun". It was written over 10 years ago, but it still applies today. Let me show you some of the book's ideas and a few of my own.

Here is a game that my family plays while on a long drive - We call it the Alphabet Game. As we drive along the road we look for words that begin with the letter of the alphabet. For instance I might yell out "Apple" if I see a sign that states "Apples for sale", then we're looking for the next letter. We cheat a little bit for letters like x, q, and z.

Here's a mealtime game from the book...
During the meal ask one person to close their eyes. While their eyes are closed remove something subtle from the table (the salt shaker, a fork, etc). The person opens their eyes and tries to guess what is missing.

From the book...
For 2 people
Each person wears their socks on their hands (clean socks preferably). Whoever is able to get the socks off the other person first wins!!

Here is a game that my husband and I play when we are waiting around...
He will name someone famous, such as, George Bush, then it is my turn and I need to name someone who's first initial is the same as the last initial. So, I might say Barbara Streisand, and back and forth until we are sick of it.

My dad first taught me this game - I love to play this with my husband since he is so much bigger than me, he just pushes me around.
Stand facing your opponent about 2 feet apart. Hold your hands up as if you are going to do a push-up off of the other person. Hit the other person's hands to try to move them. Whoever moves their feet first loses.

Here's another one from my dad...I told you he was fun.
Hold you hands out palms up. You opponent will place their hands on top of yours but palms down. You will try to slap the tops of their hands quickly before they remove theirs.

I will keep reading and keep you posted. I hope that I didn't break any rules of plagiarism...

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Bekah said...

haha cute! matt plays fannypack...which is basically...pointing out people wearing fannypacks...

...haha sounds a tad lame in print, but really..its funny how many people wear them still!