Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Karate Update

So, this week was our third week at karate class. Just to recap...

The first week was horrible. I was so embarrassed. Jared kept running around the gym. He even got some of the other children to not pay attention.

The second week my husband went along. His thoughts were that if things don't get better by the end of the free month we're not paying money. Jared was better for the 2nd week, but it wasn't good. This time he only ran in one-half of the gym. At least he was in the right area, right?

The third week (this week) was super! Dan's thought's...I would pay money for this. Jared did awesome. He stood in line and tried to do what the instructors wanted. He waited his turn in line to hit 'Bob', one of the dummies. I was so proud. I wanted to yell to the other mothers who rolled their eyes at me during week one, "Look, I am a good mother! Take that!"

Who knows what our last free week has in store for us.

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