Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my husband's birthday. We don't do much for each other's birthdays. You know what, I'm very happy about this. There is just so much pressure. Why the extra effort on just one day? I've notice other couples and for some of them - it's just not a happy birthday unless their spouse went all out and killed themselves for the other's birthday. Now that's love :-)

Anyway, my husband and I have a great relationship. I feel (since I can't speak for my husband) that you need to make everyday extra special. My husband works hard and is a busy man. I don't expect him to go to great lengths for my birthday. Actually, I prefer that he doesn't.

I left little notes around the house this morning for my husband to find when he woke up. Little notes like, Happy Birthday, I love you, have a great day with my typical doodle on them. I know that he appreciated it because he called and told me. It cost me no money to write those notes. It barely took me any time. I feel that means more to him then me attempting to buy him a power tool he either already has or doesn't need - then return it to the store - to either get what he really needed or a refund. What a hassle. We buy what we need/want when we need/want/can afford it.

I remember our first Valentine's Day together - I told him weeks in advance to not buy me anything. I informed that I too would not buy anything for him. He couldn't believe it. He kept asking me Are you sure? I was getting annoyed - why couldn't he accept that I didn't want anything for Valentine's Day? Here's why...it happened to him before - he was told in a past relationship to not buy something, he followed directions and didn't buy anything, then caught heck for not buying anything. Argh...I hate women like that.



Bekah said...

happy birthday to your husband?!

Ugh why do the biotch's have to make the rest of us seem psycho by affiliation?

Bekah said...

uh no, I mean !! not ?! haha

ladyfi said...

I heartily agree with you... It's better to make an effort every day, and not just on birthdays and Christmas.