Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love to knit. I don't watch TV anymore...well, for one I'm busy, for two I have a husband who is bigger than me, and 3 I have a toddler son who is addicted to SpongeBob. So instead, I knit. Here is a bag that I made for me, my step-daughter, a friend. I love this bag. So, much fun to make.

I have even made myself a pair of arm-warmers but I don't wear them in public since it looks like I'm wearing two casts.

Are you ready to learn how to knit? Yes, you can. I did. I had no one to sit down and show me. I just made up my mind one day and I learned how to knit from books. No, it didn't happen in one day, but it did happen. Here is where you go for all of your knitting needs.


ladyfi said...

Love the bag! Thanks for stopping by... love what I see so far on your blog! Oh - and yes - perhaps those arm warmers would look better on your legs?

Bekah said...

i love that bag! thats really awesome nora! and the arm-warmers? Id totally sport them! In the winter I cut the toes off of tube socks and wear them under my gloves if im going to be id say yours are a heck of a lot better looking!