Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is my Dad...

This is my Dad. In this picture he is wearing his new hat. Wish you had one don't you? Growing up I thought that my dad was the funniest man in the world. I use to argue with my friends about whose dad was funnier. My dad is quick to laugh and make a joke. He taught me what a great sense of humor is.

Now, I am unable to write all the funny stories about my dad as they would make a book. I will give you two high school stories.

The wig story:
One day when my dad was in high school he decided that he was going to wear a wig to class. He put the wig on before the teacher can into the room. Now, this wig had long hair and of course made my dad look like a girl. He sat at his desk looking down so the 'hair' would hide his face. When the teacher came into the room she asked the 'new girl' to introduce herself. My dad started laughing silently and of course it looked like the new girl was crying. The teacher came over to the desk and told her that it was okay, she should introduce herself to the class. I'm not sure what happened when my dad finally took the wig off, but I can only imagine what the teacher's thoughts were.

My dad was in danger of not graduating high school. He was called into the principal's office during the spring of his senior year and was informed that if he missed any more days of school we would not graduate. My grandfather passed away when my dad was 16, and my grandmother always told her boys (5 boys that is) that it was their dad's wish that all of them graduate high school. Well, my dad being my dad skipped the next three days. I suppose they decided to graduate him anyway as he was the youngest of the 5 brothers and they would not have to deal with him anymore. Can you believe that he now works in that very school? Who would have thought?


Bekah said...

haha i used to think my dad was the finniest guy i ever met as well! your dad sounds like a great guy...very funny. I love that he works in that school now! too funny!

Bekah said...

haha funniest...not finniest

Anonymous said...

Funny post. I'm not surprised that your dad ended up in school though as it is often those who hated school who then go onto be teachers in order to make school a better place. (I'm an ex-teacher...)