Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A group of women at my school pulled together to take a self-defense class. Very interesting. Some of the things were a little scary when you think about it. One thing the instructor kept saying was, "And this is the thing that will change your life." Meaning when a person approaches you in an unfriendly manner. Then I started looking around the room and wondered, why aren't ALL of the women here. Come on, it's $50 for the knowledge to save your life. Why would you not be there? I know that you all can't be there, so I will try to teach you what I can.

How to get out of a one arm hold:
If someone is holding your wrist with the opposite hand, for instance they are holding your right wrist with their left hand. Twist your wrist to the right and you will be free. I know you don't believe me, I did not believe my instructor either. But then I tried it with my partner and I was able to break away from her. Then I thought that maybe it was because she is a woman. So, I came home and tried it with my husband and I broke free from him. Yes, my husband!! My husband is no wimp.
This also works if they are holding your left wrist with their right hand. In this case you will need to twist your hand to the left. Always twist it out.

If you are being held with two hand (your one wrist is being held by both of their hands): Interlace your fingers together and pull back as hard as you can (don't hit yourself in the face). You would also do this if they are holding your wrist with the same hand and you can't twist away.

Your homework assignment:
Try both of these with a partner, preferably someone stronger, and see if you can get out of it. Let me know the results.


Bekah said...
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Matthew said...

Who signed up with you?!

Nora said...

the three secretaries, jane adams, patti holmes, the math teacher, the new gym teacher, mrs. Lesisko, ginger, janet, and jenna. It was a lot of fun.

ladyfi said...

You're right, of course. Wouldn't it be great if you could offer a self-defense course to all the girls at your school?