Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blanket Huts

My colleague, Mary, and I dubbed yesterday the Best Day Ever!! Out of the blue we received an early dismissal from school. I took advantage of this extra time and immediately called my husband...

I met my husband for lunch at our favorite little pizza shop. I miss having lunch with my husband during the school year. During the summer he comes home for lunch practically everyday, unless he's working out of town. Yesterday was certainly a treat for me.

After lunch I picked up my son up from my mother-in-law's house. For all you wondering why we didn't take Jared to lunch with us, it's because he already ate. Anyway, I picked him up and we went home to make this...

That, my friends, in my living room. We made a blanket hut...we pulled in all of the dining room chairs, I found every blanket in the house and we (meaning me) made this hut. Yes, that is his head poking out of the top to watch TV. I actually fell asleep while in said hut and woke up to a little boy's know, the giggle where they think they are getting away with something. My eyes popped open and there through the blankets I can see that Jared is about to walk on top of the hut! No one was hurt in the making or use of this hut. Everyone is fine.

I love when I am gifted a few extra hours with my family. Yes, I love a good snow day to sleep in and not have to go to work, but mostly I love to be with them.

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ladyfi said...

I LOVE building blanket hide-aways! Haven't managed to sleep in one yet, but would love to!

And isn't being able to spend some extra 'surprise' time with family just the best?!