Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick OR Treat

As you know my son was the Incredible Hulk this year for Trick or Treat. For the past two years we've been having this certain problem with him. He doesn't seem to get the hang of going for candy. For those of you who know that children hate to leave anywhere, that is my son to a tee. If he's at home he doesn't want to leave. When it's time to go back home, he doesn't want to do that either. If his skin would turn green and be able to tear off his shirt just by flexing his muscles, I'm sure he would. He is certainly incredible.

You can imagine our frustration last year when trying to take him trick-or-treating and everytime we went to a house he cried that he didn't want to go to the next. I don't know how thing work where you live but in my town, we go trick-or-treating for 2 hours. Jared did not catch on to the idea that he was getting candy until about an hour and a half into it. ARGH! That was last year. This year he caught on after one house. Sort of.

The first house was my mother-in-laws, Nana. Jared cried that he did not want to leave Nana's house. We even told him the truth, 'If we leave, we'll give you candy!' That's not a bribe, is it? The poor child, even though we're going through town getting candy, he still insisted that he wanted to go back to Nana's for her candy.

Maybe next year :-/

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Anonymous said...

Not wanting to leave a place - that's a phase he's going through. Both mine went through these phases. It's the transition from one place to another that is difficult.

Trick or treating for 2 hours! Wow! We were out for 20 mins and that was plenty - we got too cold and too much candy, anyway.

Hope you had a good Halloween anyway.