Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ah...Life with a 3-year-old

You've heard of the terrible twos? Well, every mother that I've talked to had a worse time with the terrible threes that the twos. My family included.

Every morning I wake up at 5:30 and leave for work at 6:30. My husband wakes up around 7:00 and leaves with Jared around 8:00. I don't help to get Jared ready as no one else is willing to wake up when I do to receive my help. Anyway, yesterday Dan was attempting to get Jared ready for the day, but Jared would have no part of it. I've only had the pleasure to get Jared ready in the morning a few times, and I know that when he resists you the whole time, it really sets the tone for the day. It sucks!
At dinner yesterday I decided to go over the morning routine with Jared. Just to have him verbally go through our expectations.

Me - Jared, what is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?

Jared - I pee potty.

Me - Good. Now, what do you do right after you pee potty?

Jared - I give Daddy a hard time. (With a serious look on his face).

Me - Noooo.... you get dressed.

Jared - Oh, I get dressed. That's right.

Me - What do you do after you get dressed?

Jared - I sit in time out. (With a serious look on him face).

Me - brush your teeth.

Jared - Oh, I brush my teeth. That's right.

Can you believe this child?

The other day Jared was not listening (again :-/) and Dan called him over and pointed to spot right in front of him. Jared looks over and says...... PROBLEM.

I lost it. I think my husband's head exploded.


Dena said...

I popped over to check out your blog since you checked out mine. :-) Something that has helped my kids w/ their morning routine is to make a picture chart of what they need to do where they can check off what they have done. Then they can see what they have left to do. It works better for some kids than others, even in the same family. ;-) I promise it gets better once they are able to reason, around 4 or 5. Hang in there.

bekah said...

whoa!!! what a littlebooger! (in a cute sassy way...but coming from someone who isnt a parent I am sure it is nowehere near as funny when its is your kid!)

ladyfi said...

Oh yes - the terrible threes were.. well... terrible! The tantrums... but let me tell you a secret - that's nothing compared to a tantruming 5-year-old!! Oh no... his screams can shatter glass!

When the kids were 3, we let them lie on the ground tantruming and would pat them and say, "Go on, shout a bit more now. Have a real tantrum. You can do better than that..." They were usually so surprised that they stopped.

If that doesn't work - use ear plugs. And make sure you give yourselves an extra half hour in the morning!