Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have thought about not posting this as I don't want the 'happy birthday' comments or people telling me that I'm not old, blah, blah, blah...but I do feel the need to get something off of my chest. I usually like to write things down and then return later to determine if that's how I really feel. I'm not going to do it this time. I am going to be risky and post before I've had a chance to come to my senses.

Today is the last day that I will be in my twenties.....EVER. I will never be twenty-something after today. Tomorrow I begin the thirty-somethings...and yes, I'll admit it....I'm upset. I didn't think I would be, but when I came home from work today there was a card waiting for me in the mail. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! I started crying.

I know, I know, I KNOW:

It's only a number.

You are as young as you feel.

With age comes wisdom.

And the million other saying I can't think of right now.

There is nothing wrong with being in my thirties...I just liked being in my twenties. I graduated college in my twenties, I bought my first house in my twenties, I got my career in my twenties, I got married in my twenties, I had children in my twenties. These are all HUGE things. Why would anyone want to leave their twenties?


bekah said...

to start the adventure that will be your thirties! I know...nothing I can say will make it better, but I am not there yet, but make the most of it that you can. If it makes you feel any tired of my 20s. And ive got a while left.

happy birthday though...for what thats worth

ladyfi said...

Oh- I thought life got so much better in my thirties!!