Friday, November 21, 2008

Horseradish Fire Alarm

Yes, you read that correctly - The Horseradish Fire Alarm.

I first heard about this on my way to work while listening to the radio. And at first I thought These people are crazy! But once you think about it, I guess it makes sense. So I told my fireman husband about this. He was quiet at first and then he said yes, that's not a bad idea.
You can read about this little gem here. It is designed for deft people.

Here's my thought: If these people are deft and are asleep (therefore their eyes are closed) why not rig something up to vibrate their bed?

Of course, my husband gets all technical and reminds me that a smoke alarm would not have enough voltage to carry out such a process. But, I sure they could come up with something even if it needed to be plugged into the wall.

Did you know? Your local fire department may have smoke alarms for free. If you are in need of one and cannot afford one, please go to them and get one! So easy to save your life. Don't go expecting the horseradish one though...they won't be available for about 2 years.



Caution Flag said...

I clicked over from Lady Fi's place. The horseradish fire alarm amazes me. I would never have believed it would work!

ladyfi said...

I am sensitive to smells, so that would definitely wake me up! We do have fire alarms - and fire extinguishers too in our house!

bekah said...

haha wow, really?!

They do have them for deaf/hard of hearing folks, my friend andy is deaf and blind, he has one that vibrates his mattress...sounds funny I know...but really, it works! His doorbell also vibrates the floorboards. Very cool, they guy has more gadgets than bond! he loves to email, and has a brail reading computer board...its amazing.