Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mr. Snowman

This is Mr. Snowman. He has been in our family for a few years now...and Jared LOVES him. Last year he made Mr. Snowman sing so much that the batteries needed to be replaced at least 3 times. The good news is that Mr. Snowman lives at my parents house.

My mom was afraid that one day Mr. Snowman would just stop working and bought a back up. I couldn't find a picture of this back up one online but he's sitting in a sleigh singing "sleigh ride".
Are you familiar with the lyrics? One line is..."Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling you hoo!"
My son believes that the lyrics are this....
are you ready?....
"Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling you poo!"
And he will argue with you. Some friends he has :/


ladyfi said...

That's hilarious! Just the kind of thing my kids would say too.

bekah said...

haha your son sounds like QUITE a character!

I too have a plush snowman, and now that I have a dog, it has no nose. Ahh the dangers of Christmas