Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Comes Early This Year

My parents bought a Wii yesterday! Oh, what fun it is! I am considering selling all of my exercise equipment to buy one, just kidding (I think). Anyway, we played bowling and boxing the most and, my goodness are we sore.

I think that I'm hot stuff knocking out my opponent in the first round, turns out that as more score gets higher the opponents get tougher. My score currently is 650 something. I don't remember my exact score. Please don't tell me if that's not a great score, I still think that I'm hot stuff.

We went back over to my parents' house this morning to fine tune our skills and I notice that area that tells you your fitness age. Well, I'm embarrassed to say that my age was determined to be 56. After seeing that 30 don't seem so bad anymore. Ha!

Anyway, I'm convinced that my husband won't be able to get an age younger than mine. He always proves me wrong. His age was 44. 12 years younger than me. I'm going to sneak over in the middle of the night to practice!

Wii system - $250
2 year protection plan - $20
new flat screen TV - $700
Having your Daughter and Son-in-Law over everyday to beat each other's score - priceless!

I will keep you updated on our Wii adventures!


ladyfi said...

Wii Fit is also great fun and I highly recommend it.


bekah said...

agh my parents bought a wii last weekend as well, we spent a good our or so one turkey day 'bowling'...I spanked Matt. Best game ever!

ladyfi said...

Bowling and tennis too... really good fun!