Monday, November 3, 2008

Every Monday Matters #1

Did you ever hear of Every Monday Matters? No? Well, check it out here. The book picks Monday because it is usually the worse day of the week. It is for me anyway. But, it jumped out of bed this morning on time so that I could write this entry.

Here's the idea:

Do something every Monday to make the world, your world, a better place. The book starts the first Monday off making your world a better place. The first week's challenge is to determine what matter most to you and then find time to make it happen.


1) Write a list of what matters most to you.

2) Write down your list of weekly activities and determine what activities are required and which ones are a complete waste of time.

3) Rearrange your schedule.

What matters most to me:

1) My Family

2) My Health

3) My Job

4) My Finances

5) My hobbies (reading, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking,and of course blogging)

So, for almost one week I kept track of all the activities that I did and determined the percentage of time that I am involved in said activities.

Sleep - 36% (I sleep a lot)

Work - 32% This percent would normally be higher, but we had an early dismissal and a two hour delay last week.

Family - 21%

Hobbies - 4%

Housework - 3%

Part time job - 3%

Exercise - 1%

These results were a rude awakening. Do I really only exercise 1% of the time? Really? Okay, I see a need for change there. Also, it bothers me that I spend more time at my job than I do with my family. Why is that? Which is more important? My job is important to me, but not more important than my family. I noticed that socializing with friends isn't even on the list.

The challenge for week #2 is to turn off the TV. Or if you are unable to do this watch educational programs such as the history channel, or the food network, maybe I should watch FitTV. The book suggests making a list of things that you could do instead of watching TV. I will let you know the results of my week without TV in one week.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great.. also sounds as if it is all about making every day count - and not just Mondays.